My Underwater Videography Course is a complete guide that teaches you the art of capturing your underwater adventures in the best possible way. Whether you just want to start filming your scuba diving experiences during your next dive vacation - so you can share them with family and friends - or you're looking at improving your underwater videography skills and maybe even want to start producing shot underwater films from your captured footage, this course will get you there.

Divided into 4 chapters with a total of 13 individual lessons we will dive into all the aspects that are important in capturing your underwater encounters in stunning underwater videos. In addition to all the video content you'll also get a summery as a downloadable PDF-file for each of the lessons. You can save those PDF-files as a quick reference on your computer or print them out for your personal notes.

So what are you waiting for? You're just one step away from becoming a better underwater videographer. The big blue is ready for you...

Course plan

Chapter 1 - All about equipment
Chapter 2 - Diving with a camera
Chapter 3 - Filming underwater
Chapter 4 - Telling a story
Bonus Material
Final Thoughts